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Clicking Noise In Engine

My car has a whole host of problems, but my main concern is it’s engine. Everything has a layer of dirt and oil on it. the block, head, and valve cover are completely black, also the tail pipe is blackened at the end and it tends to sputter when you let of the gas.

it makes a clicking sound when it runs, and it idles rather low and unevenly. i heard somewhere that replacing my gaskets and 02 sensor would probably get it running better

I have replaced the fuel filter and changed the oil so far, but where should i continue my tune up efforts? i want to get the engine fighting fit so that i can drive it everyday without any worries (i am a musician, so gigs can come at any moment and i have to be ready to get to the spot and play.)

i hope that my information is clear and plentiful enough to make this as easy as possible

thanks in advance for your help


Hey Eddie,

I am not all that worried about the dirt and oil accumulation on the engine and in the tailpipe…..this is an 11 year old vehicle and some of that is going to be par for the course.

If you have oil dripping out of the engine onto the ground or dripping on the engine itself, that is a whole different story.

The clicking noise when idling might be of concern though, I would buy a can of Marvel Mystery Oil additive at your local auto supply store and add it to your engine oil and run the engine for a day or two and see if the clicking goes away or gets better.

I am guessing the clicking noise is due to noisy lifters in the cylinder head, and that additive works great.

I would also want to look at your tune up parts, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and ignition rotor if you have a distributor. You might have a spark plug or spark plug wire that is worn and causing a slight engine miss, which you hear as a “sputter” when you decelerate. A tune up is the first place to start in this situation.

You could have a weak or bad oxygen sensor, but you did not mention anything about a yellow check engine light coming on, poor fuel mileage or a foul smell out the exhaust system….all are possible symptoms of a oxygen sensor problem.

Of course, the sensor is cheap and easy to replace if you want to replace it as maintenance you won’t hurt anything by doing so.

Keep me posted, and have a great week.


Austin Davis

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