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Clutch or Transmission Problem?

I have a Ford truck with a 3.0L V6 with a 5-speed manual transmission. Every once in awhile when I go to shift the clutch makes a grinding noise. This mostly happens between 2-3 and sometimes 4th gears.

Also when I pull the stick into neutral such as when I am coasting to a stop with my foot on the clutch it will grind. What is wrong with my clutch? I’ve thought that it may be the throwout bearing, but I’m not sure. Can you tell me what would possibly be wrong with my clutch? The clutch fluid is full.


Howdy Chris,


If the fluid is full you will probably have to pull this transmission out to see what is happening…or not happening. The slave cylinder should be inside on this transmission, and I would suspect you have a worn slave or just a worn out pressure plate.

I have seen one bad clutch master cylinder that did a similar situation, but usually this type of problem is due to internal clutch wear. The master cylinder is cheap…..if you just want to guess at something before you spend $600 on a new clutch and slave cylinder.


Austin Davis

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