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What is collision car insurance coverage?


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Collision is a type of coverage that is required for buyers of new cars, and anyone who has a car that has a decent value will want to get this coverage as well in order to protect their assets. It’s not the kind that is required by state, so many people leave it off as unnecessary, but in the incident of a crash in which you are at fault, a little bit of foresight and the purchase of collision coverage can go a long way.

It can mean a lot of things and varies from company to company. It can go from such basic things as the repair of your car or replacement in the case of a total loss, and it can also even include such things as health coverage for you and the passengers in the other car in the collision. The more coverage you have, the less you have to pay when an accident happens, so having this kind of coverage may give a little higher premium but is very helpful.

The kind of collision coverage you get depends on how much you pay, and if you have a bad driving record and multiple claims, you’ll probably be paying a lot more for the same amount of collision as someone who has a great driving record and no claims at all. The more you pay, the more you get, so call your car insurance company and get a quote on you with collision coverage.


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    My son does not live with me and was driving my car and hit a tree. Will my collision insurance cover it?