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Comparing auto insurance companies online.

Reader question:

What’s the difference between shopping for insurance online and just calling around?


Besides speed, there’s a lot more.

One reason that some people don’t want to shop for insurance online is because, first of all, online quotes don’t take into mind whose offices are closer to your home, or maybe who you’ve heard bad rumors about in the past, or who provides your neighbor with insurance. They lack the personal touch, and this can be something a little difficult to look over when you’re getting something as important as a car insurance policy, but the fact is that if you want to get a good deal, while it’s still a great idea to ask other people’s opinions about the car insurance companies you’re considering, shopping around online beats out doing it manually.

Maybe you’ve been with the same company for years and have all of your insurance policies with them, and just feel comfortable. Don’t let yourself get like that, because it’s the first step towards losing money. You’d shop around for anything else, so don’t let car insurance be any different.

Lots of insurers offer quotes online, and some offer their own quotes along with competitors. You can even go to sites like the one linked at the top of this page and get quotes from several companies all at once, with links that will give you more information on these companies. Using tools like these is really simple and only takes a couple of minutes.

By following the links to each of these providers websites, you can also find out what kind of services, like roadside assistance, they offer, which is just as important as the rate they quote you. This way you can line up everything in compare it, which is much more easily and conveniently done online.

It’s best to start shopping around, even if you don’t intend to change companies, when ever you consider making a change to your policy. This could mean the addition of a new driver, or a new car, or a change of location that might affect your premium. It’s always good to find out what other companies might offer for these new circumstances instead of just staying with the usual and possibly getting overcharged.


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