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What is comprehensive car insurance coverage?


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There is a world of difference between minimum coverage and comprehensive coverage, because comprehensive coverage is kind of like an umbrella of protection over your car that just increases the amount of coverage in multiple ways when added to your policy. It is typically required for new cars, bur even for others can come into play should they have bad luck with their car even off the road.

Comprehensive coverage protects against a load of possible mishaps, ranging from theft to flood to dinosaurs. It’s there, essentially, to protect your car from things that happen to it while it isn’t moving. This can include vandalism, such as having your stereo stolen, your tires slashed, or your windows knocked out. It can also include having the car stolen entirely, or coming under damage due to fire or other acts of god.

Naturally, as an increase in coverage it will cost you a little more, but not quite so much as to be worried about. Perhaps an extra fifty dollars or so a month. That might seem like a lot over the period of a year, but if you think about it, unlike car accidents, things that are covered by comprehensive aren’t as easy to avoid, and getting it on your car now can save you thousands of dollars down the line.


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