Converting Cars to Run on Water

Hey Austin
I have been reading about water to fuel adapters, systems for cars/trucks. It seems the physics is real enough to possibly work. My question is what would this Hydrogen fuel look like to the engine sensors that manage the fuel, firing and exhaust stream? Is that a concern? It seems like there would be no problem with less carbon dioxide but more H2O going through the fuel and exhaust systems.

I appreciate your comments when convenient. Thanks for the good work you are doing. More people could benefit from reading a little about some of these simple problems before they go to a mechanic.

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Hi there John,

Those are good questions John,

Supposedly the Hydrogen conversion kits bypass certain computer sensor functions, so that is not an issue.

I have been considering buying an older car and the ebook I mentioned on my site and convert this vehicle myself and see what happens. Will let you know how that project goes.

Convert Car To Run On Water

I don’t want to do it to my personal everyday vehicle until I am convinced it is safe to do and that is really does work.

I got 2 more emails saying….”it works from visitors” so who knows.


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