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Coolant Flush

I received a few emails last week from readers asking me about when would be a good time to change the antifreeze in their car and flush out the radiator.

I really like to be proactive on preventive maintenance items like this but I also want to show you a quick and easy way for you to test your antifreeze yourself or perform a coolant flush.

My website is here to help YOU learn about your vehicle and the simple things you can do to not only save money on car repairs, but to help you feel comfortable opening the hood and looking around.

One thing I can say for certain, a person who is clueless of their vehicle is going to pay their mechanic more in the long run than someone who takes interest and gains some understanding of some basic auto repair terms and repairs.

A quick video I made for you today that should help you greatly.

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    Hummmm, not sure why not. It is just a Youtube video that is embedded on the page.

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    Ican’t get the video to load. I don’t accept 3rd party cookies but took all the others. Is that the problem?