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Coolant Leaking 2000 Chevy Venture Van

Reader Question

Hi, I used Cargo Seal-up but did not completely drain my system.. It was
very low due to leak but some residual antifreeze was left in the system…

I wanted to run it a while but noticed a smell, so I drained the whole thing several times.

Is it possible that this cooling system may be clogged and if so how
can I unclog it?

thanks! Joe …I’m not much of a mechanic actually I’m
terrible :)


Howdy Joe,

Is the engine overheating? I am assuming that the smell you smell is burnt antifreeze that is leaking on the hot engine….right? You probably do not have a clog issue but rather a coolant leak….somewhere in the system.

The first thing you want to do in a situation like this is get a cooling system pressure test done. Just about any mechanic or even most fast lube places can quickly do this test for you. It basically pumps your cooling system full of air to make finding the leak easier.

That sealer you put in……I SERIOUSLY doubt it will do much of anything in regards to sealing a coolant leak. That stuff is designed to seal (or slow down) coolant seeps/leaks mostly in radiators….and works best on older car radiators. It will not help if there is a leak in a radiator hose or water pump etc. etc, replacing the leaking part is the only real answer.

Pressure test will cost you $30 in my shop and take 10 minutes to complete if that long……I highly advise you get this done and then properly repair the problem once you know what it is.


Austin Davis

Reader Follow up

We’re looking at another problem…. my wife is in Buies Creek ,
North Caorlina with our 2000 Chevy Venture van picking up my daughter from college. It appears the water is leaking every once in a while. I thought it happened when the vehicle was here last week. I’m thinking it could be the water pump.

The part doesn’t cost that much but I suspect it could be
costly getting it fixed. What would be a fair price for such work?


Hello again Joe,

I don’t have my price quote manuals here at home, but I would guess a water pump replacement on this vehicle would cost you about $475 parts and labor plus tax. These vans are not easy to work on and you can pretty much add 20% to just about any under the hood repair versus a standard car or truck.


Austin Davis

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