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Cooling Fan Won’t Shut Off

Hi Austin,

I have a Honda and the fan continuously runs after being shut off and it appears to be draining the battery. When I boost the battery, as soon as I hook up the cable the fan in the car starts running.

Insight into this problem would help a lot.




Good day to you Dario,

This could be tricky to diagnose.

There should be a radiator fan relay in the under hood fuse box. I would first try to swap out that relay with another relay (if there is another one in the fuse box that is similar…usually there is) or buy a new relay and pray that it solves your problem.

There is also a “cooling fan timer” located inside the vehicle in the driver side of the dash. This is going to be much harder to diagnose….and I am not sure how expensive a guess that will be to replace. If the relay does not solve the problem, I would call your local Honda dealer parts department and tell them your problem and see what they say. They should know which parts fail the most and what they sell the most of.



Austin Davis

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