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Cracked Head Gasket Repair

cracked head gasketI have an older Ford F150 and was told that I probably have a cracked cylinder head causing my overheating and coolant leak. I am not willing to spend the $1000 they want to repair it so I was hoping you had another option.

Hey there Danny!

I think I do have the perfect option for you to try. I made a short video talking about a product called K&W Block Sealer, please watch it below. I have used this product in my shop on literally 100’s of customer vehicles with great success. My suggestion is to use the product as I describe on the video, not the instructions on the can.

If you have used this product and want to comment please do so below. All questions will be answered in the comments as well.

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Austin C. Davis

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  • Jaime

    Is the product mixed with the old coolant or with water?

  • Austin Davis

    Great, keep us posted on your results. Make sure you get the cooling system pressure test and ruled out all other overheating sources first before condemning the head gasket.

  • Martin

    I decided to follow this procedure instead of the label. Hopefully this works out after 500 miles.