Crash Tests and Car Insurance Rates

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Where can I get the results of crash tests?


It’s easy.

Car insurance companies use a lot of factors when deciding how high your premium rates will be, and one of the main factors is your car. A lot of the aspects of your car are taken into consideration, including how new and how expensive your car may be, as well as its make and model, its performance on certain tests, its history with the car insurance company, the rate a which it is usually stolen, even down to its color.

When shopping for a car, it’s a good idea to keep all of these aspects in mind so that when you buy your car, take it home, and then go to get it insured the next day, you don’t have to worry so much about getting charged crazy prices on your policy because you’ll have bought a car while thinking about the price.

One of the main aspects of your car the auto insurance company will look at when calculating your rates is how it does in certain crash performance tests. When a cr is released, it usually goes through a certain amount of impact tests. You know the commercials with the dummies who have a yellow plus sign on their heads, crashing into walls?

Like that. These tests usually look for how a vehicle stands up to impact from both the front and from the back. Cars that perform well on both ends of this test are more likely to get rated better when it comes to car insurance. Why is that? Because insurance companies prefer to insure cars that are a lower risk, and if a car is less like to sustain very much damage in the case of a crash, then the car insurance company doesn’t have all too much to worry about.

You can go here to see how your car performed in its crash performance test, and also find out how much repairs cost for various vehicles.


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