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CRC Brakleen Review and Recommendation

CRC brakleenI love it when I stir up a little controversy on the Internet, and it seems a Youtube video I posted a while back is doing just that. I titled the video “Don’t steam clean your engine, do this instead” and people just bashed me for saying that an engine does not care one way of the other if it is clean, it won’t run better or cooler, or get better fuel mileage etc. etc.

You would have thought I robbed a bank in broad daylight people came out of the woodwork to chime in on the video comments.  What I was trying to point out was many of my repair shop customers who try and steam clean or pressure wash their engines actually caused more harm and damage than it did good.

The engine does get slightly wet driving in the rain but does not have highly concentrated water pressure focused on delicate electrical components which are not really meant to get wet to begin with.

This is where CRC Brakleen comes in.  The original version in the red can that IS chlorinated does a fantastic job of removing oil and grease from engine and brake parts. It is NON flammable and dries almost instantly.  Please use the original version, which works MUCH better than the more environmentally conscience version in the green can.

If you want to clean off just about any kind of grease or oil, then CRC Brakleen is your answer, and we use a ton of this stuff in my shop daily because it works better than anything else we have tried.

Here is the video, take  a quick watch and see what CRC Brake cleaner can do for you.


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