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Dangers Of Driving a Smart Car in The United States

Just when you think you are doing the right thing for the environment and your wallet! I would love to have and drive one of those small “smart cars” that seem to be getting more and more popular these days.

My wife could be able to park in a parking lot a little easier and faster :) it would save us lots of money on gasoline purchases and give us warm fuzzies about helping our environment by consuming less natural resources.

So what could be wrong with that scenario? Well let’s just remember that the vehicles here in the U.S. are MUCH larger than most other countries. These larger and heavier vehicles could really ruin your day if you happen to get a little nudge by one of them.

I live in Texas, and drive a big ole truck… gotta if you live in Texas. I don’t think I will be trading in my keys for a “small or smart” car anytime soon.


I checked with and they say the person inside the car LIVED, wow! Although many people thought it was one of those very small European “Smart Cars” it was actually a Ford Escape, a smaller SUV.

Can you see what is left of that Ford Escape car? Look in front of the red hood of the dump truck behind the ambulance, and behind the black dump truck bed. Being built “Ford Tough” is no match for two dump trucks. I won’t be following behind any large trucks anymore.


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