Did the Mechanic Break my Engine?

Is there a connection between changing a rear main seal and a connector rod breaking resulting in a piston going through the engine head?



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Not that comes to mind, but anything is possible. Most rear main bearing seals can be replaced by removing the transmission to gain access to the seal. Some vehicles will require the oil pan to be removed to gain access. Although once the engine oil pan is removed the mechanic should not have had to do anything to the pistons/rods to remove the seal unless this is some strange non US vehicle I am not familiar with.

The connecting rods/pistons can be accessed while the oil pan is removed, but not with just the transmission removed. So, if your mechanic removed the oil pan to gain access to the rear seal…….there is a greater chance that something happened during the seal replacement than if the seal was replaced with the transmission removed. I would ask your mechanic how they removed the seal. Although trying to prove they caused the problem is not going to be easy.


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