Diesel Engine Runs Without Key

I have a citroen zx 1.9 diesel when I turn it off and take the key out the engine still runs,ive been told its the fuel cut off valve on the injector pump,or it could be the fuses but I dont know what fuses are for what could you give me some advice please


Hi there,

I am not familiar with your vehicle and I am not a diesel mechanic, but if this was a Mercedes I would say you had a vacuum leak somewhere, usually in the door lock control valve system in the trunk. There probably is a manual shut off valve located on the infector pump that you can push to shut off the fuel supply and turn off the engine.

I would call your Citroen dealership parts department and talk to one of the parts guys there about it, and see what they say. They get a commission for selling parts, unlike the service/repair side of the dealership which gets a commission on the service they sell you….the parts guys tend to help a do it yourself customer more and usually know what parts break down the most.



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