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Diesel Mechanic Job Description

For someone who enjoys working with the hands and who has a real interest in the repair and maintenance of vehicles, a diesel mechanic career is a great option. Not only would this person do something enjoyable and rewarding but also have a stable career that typically pays well. Obviously, the latest financial crisis affected millions of people so building a career that offers current and future stability is imperative.


In looking at the vast number and types of vehicles used for personal service, as well as business, it becomes clear that a skilled diesel mechanic is in great demand. In fact, experts predict that over the next 10 years the need for qualified mechanics will reach incredible heights. In addition to working on cars and trucks, a diesel mechanic would work on busses, heavy equipment ships, and even trains. This service ensures that people can get to work or take vacations but even more importantly, that businesses can get product to the end-user.


To become a diesel mechanic, an individual would need to start by acquiring the necessary skills, something achievable with the right education and training. Along with learning about maintenance and repair, this would also provide guidance for the installation of diesel engines and components. It is true that completing the necessary education and training takes time but the investment would ultimately pay off. Below is valuable insight into what it takes to become a bona fide diesel mechanic with a bright future.


Educational Requirements


The best option would be for someone still in high school to start taking the appropriate classes. By getting involved with automotive repair, physics, algebra, electronics, shop, geometry, English, and even computer classes, an individual would gain an edge. However, courses required to become a diesel mechanic are also offered through community colleges, universities, and vocational schools if the opportunity in high school were missed.


Although basic studies are important, taking time to take more advanced courses would prove extremely helpful. Keep in mind that some of these studies could be taken prior to working as a diesel mechanic while others would come later. For this reason, someone interested in this type of career would need to research options for education and then take the appropriate steps to get things rolling.


Some companies will hire a person for this type of position with a diesel mechanic diploma or certificate but in most cases, companies prefer someone with a minimum an Associate’s degree and preferably, a Bachelor’s degree. Both of these degrees would prepare a person to build a successful diesel mechanic career but there are distinct differences in the two levels of education.


First, we will look at what a person would gain in this field with an associate’s degree. Through classroom studies but also on-the-job training, a person would learn about pneumatics, electrical systems, electronics, welding, diagnostic testing, air conditioning systems, powertrain equipment, hydraulics, and a variety of other things. Without doubt, completing an associate’s degree would provide more opportunity to work as a diesel mechanic and boost income level than for someone with only a mechanic’s diploma or certificate.


Second, the information about a bachelor’s degree shows the difference in the two levels of education. In this case, a person would complete four full years of study. As part of education, an individual would actually gain hands on experience working on various types of diesel vehicles but also learn about leasing/selling diesel equipment, suspension systems, advanced fuel systems, heavy equipment operation, drivetrains, and the list goes on. Having a bachelor’s degree would also open more doors of opportunity and increase earning potential even more.


Job Opportunities


Depending on the level of education but also the employer, a person striving to become a diesel mechanic could attend school and work for a diesel mechanic company or within a different industry at the same time. While the optimal situation would involve working with a company associated with diesel engines but other jobs that would still prove beneficial include construction, shipping, farming, and transportation. In each case, the person would be exposed to things needed as a successful diesel mechanic.


If someone were attending school full-time, working could be extremely difficult. However, there is still a way to gain more insight into diesel mechanic work by volunteering for a company within the fields mentioned above. Even putting in five to ten hours a week would make a tremendous difference. In fact, there are companies throughout the United States that would gladly accept volunteer work in that it helps them but also allows them to contribute to a person’s learning experience toward becoming a diesel mechanic.


Training While Working


Completing a college education is imperative for someone who wants to build a successful diesel mechanic career but even more knowledge and expertise could be gained with training opportunities while working. Some of the more important aspects of this have been provided below.


1.  Commercial Driver’s License or CDL – This specialized type of license is offered through any state Department of Motor Vehicle. To test, drive, or operate any type of vehicle with a diesel engine, a mechanic would be required to possess a valid CDL. Therefore, while learning new things on the job, a person could also research the appropriate steps for going through CDL testing.


2.    Low Level Job Responsibilities – Look, no one wants to be stuck with the lesser important job responsibilities at work but in truth, there is a great wealth of education that comes from some of these duties. For instance, cleaning up repair shops, refueling vehicles, cleaning different parts, and other similar tasks expose a person to all the different types and levels of a diesel mechanic job. Most people who perform high even on the small stuff go on to exceptional careers because they also perform high on the bigger responsibilities of being a diesel mechanic.

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    That might be a really good idea, might be cheaper and could get you a little farther along than the students in the trade school classes.

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    Hi, anyone know any good diesel mechanic jobs in perth area? Im 29 years old time served with all papers. I have applied for a working holiday visa but would like sponsor once I’m over. I have lots of experience on diesel trucks and hydraulics. Mercedes, man, Volvo, iveco, daf, some cat experience in army tanks etc.

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