DIY Cooling System Pressure Tester

You mention many times to your readers that are having an over heating problem to get a cooling system pressure test done first. Can you tell me what exactly is this cooling system pressure test and how can I do it myself? I have a Ford F150 and the engine is running hotter than it should. I appreciate your help!

Hey Troy,

Yes you can perform a cooling system pressure test yourself, but you will need to buy or rent a pressure tester from your local auto parts store. Most large chain auto parts store will rent tools and test equipment to you.

You just screw on the end of the pressure tester to your radiator and pump up the recommended air pressure and wait. Make sure the radiator is full to the top with water or coolant. If you have an external leak like in a radiator hose or something you should see water spraying out of the hole.

If you suspect you have an internal leak, watch the pressure dial on the gauge to see if you are loosing pressure. Sometimes with very slow leaks I will leave the pressure tester hooked up for an hour to over night to prove that there is or is not a cooling system leak.

This is a cooling system pressure tester




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