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Do I Need A New Fuel Tank?

I was told I needed a new “fuel sending unit” and a new “fuel tank replacement”. My car is a Mazda Millenia and the cost would be about $2,000. I was told it is dangerous to drive my car until I got these new parts. Does this sound logical to you?
Thanks, Larry

Hey Larry,

I would definitely get a second opinion on this. Seldom do you have to replace the fuel tank itself….unless it is rusted out from salty/icy roads in the North. the fuel sending unit tells your dash gas gauge how much fuel is in the tank. I have not seen a “dangerous” fuel sending unit.

If for some strange reason you REALLY do need to replace these parts (maybe because the tank is leaking fuel) I would call a few junk yards in your area and buy a used fuel tank with the fuel pump and sending unit still inside it…..for a fraction of the cost of new parts.


Austin Davis

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