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Dodge Ram WHERE is the dipstick?

Dodge Ram 250 360 engine WHERE is the OIL dipstick

I cannot find people so far in dealerships dodge who know?\

Thanks – Lou

Hey there Lou,

According to my 87 manual (86 is now where to be found this morning) it SHOULD be on the passenger front corner of the engine. If you are standing at the front of the vehicle looking at the engine you should be able to extend your left arm and pull out the dipstick.

MAYBE the pull portion of the dipstick is missing or broken off and is hard to find, I have seen that happen a few times. You might just have a small hole in the dipstick tube where the dipstick is supposed to be. The last oil change guy might not have re-installed it?


Austin Davis


Reader update

Housemate took it to a nearby mechanic he knew – guy showed us it was exacty where you said it should be – left front corner of engine bock and esy to get to – all intact, dipstick, tube and all – but it was wrapped up and hidden by a coupe of hoses.

Thanks – Lou

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