Don’t Drink and Drive Your Car!

This car was towed into our repair shop over the weekend. What happened to it you ask? The story is the driver of the vehicle had a little too much to drink…..ok, a LOT to drink and had a tire blow out on the freeway in Houston.

The catch to the story is this drunk girl continued to drive the vehicle with a blown out tire, causing the tire to disintegrate itself and then the metal rim of the wheel came in contact with the pavement. Somehow the driver continued to drive this vehicle down the freeway.

Farm Pics 055

There must have been a TON of sparks coming from this right side of the vehicle. As you can see in my pictures, the passenger side wheel AND the metal brake rotor are totally worn down flat due to the metal to pavement situation.

I am not sure how long she drove like this, but personally I have not seen this kind of damage ever. I can only imagine she continued to drive in this condition for many many miles! I also imagine the transmission and engine really got a work out as well…and probably suffered some serious premature damage as well.

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Austin Davis

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  • Oscar

    You would have to be really drunk to at least attempt driving a car like that, I wonder if she saw the pictures days later.

  • Larry

    Unbelievable, how could she keep the car going like that? hard to explain but it is one of those things you´ll see once in a lifetime.

  • Halley

    Whoa! Is that for real? Im glad I dont drink and drive :P