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Driver Window Channel Problem

On the drivers side front bottom window there is an approx. 4″ inch plastic channel that attaches to the front bottom side of the window that slips into the front window channel guide. This plastic piece has been a problem because it is subject to break often and when it does the window gets out of the front channel guide track and falls down. This can be a scary thing when riding along and you go to put the window down and all of sudden the window goes crashing down.

What is the correct way to attach this plastic channel to the bottom side of the window? I have been told by different mechanics different ways. Some say use two part epoxy, some say use silicon. What is the proper way to attach this plastic piece to the bottom of the window? Please Answer

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I am not 100% sure I am familiar with the part you are talking about, but a two part epoxy is going to be the easiest and probably the strongest method of attachment. A pop rivet would be the best, but you probably do not have enough room to do that.

I would take the car to a body shop and let them have a look at it. They will have professional strength epoxy which you probably will not be able to buy yourself at a local auto parts store. I cant imagine they would charge you very much to do it for you.


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