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Driving courses and discount car insurance

Reader question:

Is it true that you can get a discount on car insurance for taking a driver’s course?


It is!

And the best part is that the driver’s education course you took while learning how to get your license in the first place counts. If you got your license before you reached the age of 18, you probably had to take on of these, and in many states it is required no matter what age you are. However, something so necessary and actually required can actually help you out by lowering your car insurance rates.

But what happens if you didn’t have to take a class to get your license, or you maybe just want to bolster up your cheap insurance plot? There are still ways to get at this valuable discount. Driver’s safety courses know no age, and you can take a defensive driving course even if you haven’t mean pulled over for a traffic violation.

It’s very important to consider taking these measures if you have the time. It shows the insurance companies that you are responsible enough to take your driving safety into your own hands, and that translates into more trust and confidence, which in turn translates into a cheaper policy. And it’s good for you to. You may think you’re a pretty good driver, but you can’t deny that you fudge the rules sometimes, and a defensive driving course is a fantastic way to help you tighten up your own driving and improve your awareness of others so that your body and vehicle can stay safer while on the road.


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