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DUI – DWI Car Insurance

Reader question:

What does drunk driving DWI do to your car insurance rates?


Great question.

Everybody knows it isn’t worth it to get behind the wheel after you’ve had a few, and there are a thousand reasons why. From the possible injury or death to you or another person, the jail time, and the reflection on your permanent record that could have easily been avoided just by looking ahead, you don’t even need the insurance argument to persuade you not to drive drunk. However, with something so important, there’s no reason not to pile the reasons up until they’re so overwhelming you can’t get past them.

When you’re out drinking, remember that ‘I didn’t drink much, I feel fine,” doesn’t cut it. Alcohol gives you more confidence, which can distort the reality of what you have drunk.

If you’re caught driving drunk, you’re put on the blacklist insurance-wise. You have a small chance of getting your policy renewed when that time comes around. If you do get renewed, your rates might be as much as 55% higher. You’ll have to keep telling insurance companies for 5 years, and you’ll have a paper license for 11.


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  • Richard

    In North Carolina, I think the DUI will stay on your driving record for 3 to 7 years. So your insurance rates may be high for at least three years and that if you have multiple DWI convictions within 7 years.