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Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer Review

Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer ReviewDoes the external hard plastic on your vehicle look old and faded? Can you even remember what color it USED to be? I have tried a handful of products that claim to restore the look and luster of hard automotive plastics and many of them just don’t last long enough or bring the color back strong enough to make it worth your time to use it.

I did a Youtube video a while back on one product, Wipe New, you probably see their late night commercials on TV. The product works very well, although I have had to re-apply it every 6 months but it’s easy to use and applies quickly so 6 months in my opinion is a pretty good deal.

BUT, I was working on a 14 year old vehicle the other day and tried to restore the faded plastic rear bumper. I was shocked that Wipe New basically did nothing to restore the color, which was black. I had heard about Eastwood Plastic Restorer and wanted to compare it to Wipe New.

In the video below we did just that, and the Eastwood product won hands down. I have been told that the product will last for years, as it chemically bonds and restructures the plastic materials. So although it might look like spray paint in the video, it actually changed and restored the material in the plastic bumper.

Take a watch now, as my 10 year old daughter assists me. Please leave your comments below and let us know if you have tried either product and which one worked best on your vehicle. Share and like too please!

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  • Matt R

    couldn’t stop noticing the t-p in the back of the car/center of the frame in the video.

  • Austin Davis

    Funny you should mention that. I asked the vehicle owner twice “are you sure it was black and not dark gray” he was positive it was “dark black”. Anyway, it IS dark black now…and looks really good! :)

  • Warren

    That color Volvo Cross Country was built with dark grey bumpers when new so they won’t turn to black with any plastic treatment that does not contain a black pigment.

  • Austin Davis

    Great Nick, thanks for the clarification.

  • Although this product comes in an aerosol can and looks like a paint, it is different. The Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer contains black pigment and actually re-flows the plastic, which means it’s embedding the pigment into the plastic to give lasting results.