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Engine Coolant

A popular question I get a lot on my site is about engine coolant and when to have your radiator and cooling system flushed.  Great question, and I want to share my thoughts with you before you do it.

First, have you looked at and checked your current engine coolant with a tester?  That would be my first suggestion, and it is super easy to do and you can buy a cheaper tester for a few bucks at your local auto parts store.

Most cars these days have extended  life antifreeze in the cooling system so it really does not need to be flushed out as often as a few years ago…unless you have a problem causing rust or overheating.

I made this short video for you guys, it shows me testing (with a tester) and inspecting the color and FEEL of the engine coolant in 2 vehicles and how they differ.

Before you just spend the money on coolant flushing, try doing these super simple tips yourself. You might just save some money flushing out perfectly good coolant, or you might find you are way over due for a flush.

Take a watch now…please.

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