Engine Dies At Idle Sometimes

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The same problem keeps happening after I got my car back from a mechanic: when I stop at the light, car stall at neutral gear, by the way, my car is Mazda….auto mechanic say my clutch need to be replaced, but it doesnt sounds like clutch is the only problem to caused this happen..

can you please explain what the real problem is?? and it is a big problem?

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Hey there Iverson

I think I would rule out the simple and easy things first, check for a vacuum leak under the hood especially in the fresh air inlet hose from the air cleaner to the engine intake.

I would also have your throttle body and idle speed control motor cleaned….you should do this periodically as maintenance anyway and just about any mechanic or fast lube place can do this for you. I have seen a bad clutch pressure plate cause a dying at idle complaint when you press the clutch pedal….rare, but can happen.


Austin Davis

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