Engine Hard To Start Sometimes

I have a Honda that sometimes has trouble starting.

The car has 2 different patterns. The first and most common, is that it won’t turn over unless I give it a lot of gas while trying to start it.

The other is that it will turn over, but then stall almost immediately.

I thought it sounds like a fuel flow issue, but I wanted to get your opinion since what I know about cars could fill a thimble.


Hello Doug,

You could be correct with your diagnosis of lack of fuel pressure, but I would want to look at a few other simple things first before I jumped to that conclusion. A few items that can also cause symptoms like you mentioned.


  • the need for a tune up – worn spark plugs and spark plug wires ( distributor cap and ignition rotor if equipped with one)
  • restriction in the fuel filter – also should be part of a tune up
  • a vacuum leak somewhere under the hood – look for anything loose or broken, and with the engine running listen for a hissing noise caused by a broken vacuum line
  • a dirty throttle body and idle speed motor – your mechanic will know what these simple to clean items are – again, this kinda falls under the category of tune up stuff.

The throttle body is where the fresh air intake hose from the air cleaner attaches to the engine. Carbon and dirt build up on the walls of the throttle body and don’t allow the metal air flow vane to move properly.

Since you did not mention anything about a check engine light being on or any other running bad complaint……I’m hoping this is just an indication of some needed tune up TLC


Austin Davis

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