Engine Has No Power at Low Speeds

Hi, I have a Nissan Stanza with a 2.4l 4 cylinder. My question is lately on take off or at low speeds it has been kind of doggy or hesitant, but when I push the pedal down it will take off, I’ve also noticed my gas mileage drop, can u give me any hints on what to check first?



Hello there Mike,

Here are the basic components that you need to check first:

– Spark plug wires and spark plugs should be replaced as part of your regular maintenance every 60,000 miles

– Fuel filter should be replaced as part of your regular maintenance every 30,000 miles

– Ignition rotor and distributor cap should be replaced as part of your regular maintenance every 50,000 miles

If you missed maintaining any of these items as scheduled above, go ahead and take care of that now. Even if you have replaced them, give each component a visual inspection to make sure they are still in good order.

If you don’t improve your car’s performance with these basic components, you’ll need to perform these tests:

-Exhaust system needs to inspected for constraints, such as a restriction in the catalytic converter or something stopping up the muffler so that exhaust can’t escape properly

– The fuel pump needs to be checked for low fuel pressure

– Sensor should be checked, especially the oxygen sensor

– Verify that there isn’t an ignition timing problem

– Look for a vacuum leak under the hood. This could occur in the plastic T-connector or in a rubber hose

Best of luck,

Austin C. Davis

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  • Kellie Dempsey

    There was a recall of the Nissan Stanza for 1990 thru 1992 because of the fuel filter tubes corroding. Wheel housing corrosion and weakness and left rear seatbeltretractoranchor. This only applys if you bought your vehicle in certain states. Check recall records on the internet.