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Engine Miss – Check Engine Light On

I have a nissan maxima se (108000 miles on it), the problem is that while idling in drive the engine sputters a little almost like it may stall, but it hasn’t yet. I put in a bottle of (the best?) fuel injector cleaner but it hasn’t helped. What could be the problem or problems that I should look into?

Other than that the car is great.

PS. while getting onto the highway the other day I accelerated rapidly to about 65mph and the check engine light came on and was blinking, it went out soon after.

Thank you

Hey there Steve,

This only happens when you are idling in drive? I would open the hood with the engine running and listen for a vacuum leak. A rubber vacuum hose or connector might have come loose or broken, causing a hissing vacuum leak. I would probably remove the air inlet hose from the air cleaner to the engine and clean out the throttle body with a clean rag or tooth brush. Did the engine misfire when you accelerated rapidly and the check engine light came on? Is it time for a tune up, and spark plug wires?

Austin Davis
The engine did misfire a little when I accelerated… might be right about the spark plug wires

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  • Shane

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  • Timothy

    I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima. The other day I went to start it int he am and it would crank but not start. A tow truck came and pulled the fuel injector wires and after 40 seconds or so of cranking it turned on. The tow truck guy told me to open her up which i did after the car warmed up. Suddenly the engine light came on and my car (Trixie’s her name,) doent have the same power, is idileing lower, rougher. and the exhaust smells rich. Have you any idea what she may be going through? ps I put some fuel injector cleaner and a new air filter in about a month before this happened…. Thanks sincerly Timothy

  • anthony iezzi

    knock sensor failure is very common with this nissan engine. fun to change!!!

  • Kris

    I have the same car as the guy above (96 Maxama). My service light keeps comming on, my guy says it’s reading as a knock sensor….but everything seems to be running right. Would i be hearing this “knock” when the sensor comes on? What do i do?…..Thanks