Engine Over Heats at Stops and Slow Speeds

Mr. Davis

I found your website randomly and am really impressed by what you are doing. Very informative and helpful. Anyways I was wondering if you could give me some help.

I have a Honda Accord that has served me well, but I am concerned about something. After driving around for perhaps 15-20 minutes, the engine temperature gauge rises very high when I’m stopped at red lights
or driving very slowly.

As I pick up speed, the temperature gauge goes back down to normal levels. This is bothering me, especially when I’m stuck in traffic as the
temperature gauge rises very high for longer than I am comfortable with.

Have you come across this problem before? Any ideas on what it could be? Thanks for your help.


Hey there Paolo,

Thanks for the kind words. I would first check the coolant level inside the radiator and top off with water as needed. I expect that your electric cooling fan motor located out near the radiator is not working.

This electric fan keeps the engine cool at low speeds and at stops, since there is not enough air flow naturally coming across the radiator to keep the engine cool.

The electric fan should be running once the engine is at normal operating temperature, and especially while the vehicle is at a stop.

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