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Engine Overheating and White Smoke Out Tailpipe

Hi One day I turned on the heat in my car and it has over heated since then I have gotten the water pump changed and the thermostat it still over heats we have done a rad flush and everything my oil is perfect but I’m blowing white smoke out the tail pipe and burning anti freeze please help.

Hi there

Get a cooling system pressure test to see if you have an external or internal (headgasket leak) and lets talk after we get those results. Any mechanic can do a cooling system pressure test for you.

White smoke out the tailpipe usually indicates there is coolant leaking down inside the cylinder and the spark plug is trying to burn that coolant, which it can not so it comes out the tailpipe as steam/white smoke.

Once you do the cooling system pressure test, and you think you DO have an internal coolant leak. Try the Headgasket sealer additive I talk about in this video below, it really does work!

Austin Davis

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