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Engine Runs Bad and Misses

Hey there,

I use to own a Suzuki that had a serious bucking problem. When the car’s rpm aproaches 2000-3000, it just bucks (not like sputtering) it just has no power for 1-2 seconds then it just chips back in.

I’m a DIY. here’s a small list of things i changed to resolve the problem.

  1. spark plugs
  2. distributor inner seal (had a leak)
  3. fuel filter
  4. throttle position sensor

And still it continues, I ran an engine diagnostic check & got the Normal code. what could be the coulprit?


Thanks for your question

Hummmmmmm, I would start by checking these items first

  1. Worn spark plug wires
  2. Weak fuel pump pressure
  3. Ignition timing
  4. Exhaust back pressure (checking for a restriction in the exhaust)
  5. Look for vacuum leaks under the hood


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