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Engine Runs Funny At Low Speeds

Hi Austin, Just wanted to know your opinion on a problem I’m having. I currently own a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and its been a worthy on and off-road vehicle. Lately I’ve been noticing the Jeep “lugging” when I turn the wheel 3/4 to a full turn.

Its usually more evident when I’m coming into my driveway or pulling into a parking stall. When backing out of a space, I don’t notice the lugging. Could this be a problem with my front axle?

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Howdy Jon,

I think what I would first do would be to clean your throttle body. This should be part of your routine maintenance anyway, and a dirty throttle body causes all kinds of low speed/idle complaints.

It’s pretty simple and fast to do and any fast lube place should be able to do it for you while you wait. We charge $80 in my shop. If nothing else, you should notice a much smoother idle and faster starts.

Here is more info on the throttle body

Dirty Throttle Body


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