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Engine Whine Noise

My car has a constant whining noise (while driving or in park), changes pitch w/acceleration or deceleration. harm. bal changed. not a/c, p.s., alt., or water pump. a simple trans. problem?


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These vehicles are NOTORIOUS for bad A/C clutch bearings, alternator bearings and water pump bearing noises.  It could be any of the 3, and you might want to get a long long long handle screw driver or some other long piece of metal you can use as a stethoscope to place on all three of the parts to see which is loudest.  To prove it is not a transmission problem, remove the belt and start the engine. If no noise is present with the belt removed, you don’t have a transmission problem.

Once the belt is removed spin each pulley as someone listens to the component with your stethoscope to locate the noise.


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