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Engine Won’t Start

Reader Question

My car wont start most of the time doesn’t fire until I release the key once in awhile it will start and seem to run ok but most of the time just sputters when I’m finished turning over.

I have had same problem with motorcycles and they would start if you kicked instead of using electric start I found the problem to be less than 12 volts going to ignition. Do you think this is what is happening now, a bad starter drawing to much or bad wiring do you have any ideas

Thanks Lenny

Howdy Lenny,

When you say your engine does not start I am assuming the engine turns over fast enough…so the starter motor is spinning the engine around and around like it should, you are just not able to get the engine to start up…correct?

If so, I would first look at the simple stuff, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and ignition rotor and make sure those items are in good shape. These cars had an issue with their ignitor system inside the distributor. You can actually buy a re-manufactured distributor from your local auto parts store pretty cheap these days.

I would also check your ignition switch and make sure you are getting 12 volts coming out of it.

If your engine is NOT spinning over fast enough, then yes, you might have a starter motor that is drawing to many amps and needs to be replaced or rebuilt or you could have a weak battery or a bad connection at the battery cables.

Blessings, Austin Davis

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