Extended Warranties – Wear and Tear or Breakdown?

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I’m buying a new car and want to buy the extended warranty as well, but what kind should I get? Wear and tear or breakdown?



This is very important, because to buy a new car is such a big investment. Think about it. You’ll be spending at least the next two or three years paying it off, and will probably pay more than it’s actually worth over that time. But when you’re finished paying for it, it both looks bad due to the wear and tear of time and use, and it’s starting to break down, big parts are starting to go out. By then, you’ve pout so much money into this car that it isn’t even funny and it isn’t worth much at all. To avoid this, you should buy a extended warranty.

Often, the car dealership will offer you a mechanical breakdown warranty that is confusing and can cost a lot of money, around four thousand dollars. The dealership will tell you that this warranty covers everything, and so you have nothing to worry about. That’s a lie. Things like piston rings, for example, which may go out all of the sudden but aren’t considered a mechanical breakdown because they actually are worn down over time. But repairing these can cost a lot. It’s also the case that car dealerships will usually require you to bring your car there to get it repaired, but what happens if you can’t make it and they aren’t willing to tow? Either you don’t get your repair, or you have to pay a couple hundred dollars for a tow truck anyway.

What you need is both an extended warranty for mechanical breakdown and for wear and tear, so that everything is covered. You can usually get a better deal on extended warranties from places like Warranty Direct. They let you repair your car at any licensed shop and you can figure out the terms of the warranty. If you get a car that’s not considered to be very dependable, like a Kia, you should definitely get a warranty.


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