Battery Keeps Going Dead

It’s me again sir,

It seems like both of my Ford vehicles want to act up right now…..My 2003 Ford Taurus SE battery died yesterday. I recharged the battery and it is dead again today.

I jumped the car to get it started and it started with no problem….when I took off the battery cable the car died again…could this be an alternator or regulator issue???


Well hello there again…

I would first try a new or a known good battery in the car and see if you just have a bad or weak battery issue. If that does not solve your problem, you might have a bad alternator or some other charging issue.

Make sure the battery cables are clean and TIGHT, a loose cable can cause all kinds of problems.


Austin C. Davis

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  • Austin Davis

    Personally I would not do anything now, which would be guessing at potential/future problems. Wait and see if you do have any problems….you might not. I have had customers with these cars and nothing unusual ever happened. Be positive :)

  • Geoff

    I recently bought a 2006 Mustang Gt with only 17K miles on it. It is running great but I am worried about potential electrical problems.

    Many people have had issues with the 2006 and most mechanics cannot figure out the issue. They try to replace the battery, alternator, or shaker 500 sound system only to find out that is not the problem. They realize that the issue is with wires but cannot diagnose it. Any tips?

  • Austin Davis

    Thank you for your comment, glad the article was helpful to you.

  • Stephanie

    I had some trouble with my last battery, it went dead for about three times because I didn´t use the car for like two days which usually is not a problem, I had to buy a new one, my mechanic didn´t give as much information as you do here so thanks, now I know better.