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The quality of this
on: April 14, 2019, 10:11:56 PM
The quality of this clean and clean, this sentence, my understanding is, why should you go, such as me, the three generations of ancestors are farmers, and finally into the original land, back to the peasants, destined, It is fate. Therefore, I came to Daliang Village, which may be the peasant gene in the bones. After going through several industries, I fell in love with the farms and the countryside, and it may be the green piece of the mind that was inscribed in my mind. My dreams have returned to nature. I have experienced several small and famous farms around Huicheng District. I share the four seasons, Taimei Dongpo, Dwarf Guanyinshan. As a farm marketing manager, I am doing a lot of things. Do your best. The farm is very difficult to do. People who have never done it don't know. It is like a bottomless pit. You can invest as much as you can, and you can't see it. But I think the positioning of a farm or farm is very important. The management is second. The farms I have done, except for the success of the four seasons Cheap Newport Cigarette, are not successful. In view of this, I am just trying to make a small-scale farm. I drive a car in the goose. The countryside around the city turns, Yang Village in Boluo Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, Taimei, Baitang, Gongzhuang... Chen Jiang, Zhongkai, Zhenlong, Longmen Nankun Mountain, Luofu Mountain... One day, I came Daliang Village in Wuhu Town searched from the Internet and said that this place is quiet and lively; a quiet country cement road leads directly to the mountain side, and the old house of the earthen house is dotted with the greenery of the old trees. Fertile, leek is strong, blueberries are tempting, folk customs are simple and honest, it can be said that the night is not closed, the road is not picked up. Here, surrounded by mountains, spring water, with fresh and full of negative ions, the mountains are full of primitive plants, five peaches, honeysuckle, golden sakura..... squirrels jump between the trees, the birds twirling, the wild worms are low The buffalo sloppyly grazes in the wild, the chickens, ducks, geese and geese of the farmers grow freely, the wild aquariums in the wild ponds are numerous, the fruit trees such as litchi green longan are lush, the bamboo forest stands behind the house, and the winding brook flows from the house. After the field around me, there are three acres of land I rented Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. It was a wasteland that had been ridiculed for two years. Under my hard work, corn, peanuts and soybeans are growing vigorously. Of course Buy Newport Online, weeds are also growing wild, not because they are lazy. It is now a fake and expensive pesticide. I also rented an ancient courtyard house. Cucumbers, gourds, loofahs, tangles, several flowers, sunflowers, wormwood, mint, and henna, and small fish ponds. The goldfish has a very strong vitality. Several cages of thrushes hang under the tree, and the morning faints scream, a few earth dogs, rough and aquaculture. This is the field around me Newport Carton Cigarettes.


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