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Warranty Repair
on: April 25, 2012, 04:38:06 PM
Was just wondering about this issue i have run into with localy owned repair shop, if anyone has info or experience with something relating to this please feel free to lend a hand. 

I have a Mazda Speed Protege that had engine problems (engine was bouncing and making a lower idle noise, and even lower when trying to pick up speed.)  We had it towed to the shop and spoke to the gentleman about what was going on with it. The issue or what he thought off the top of his head was "engine mount" (its not, he agreed at a latter point). We also mentioned that the fan does not seem to turn on, and as long as it is covered under warranty and not going to cost us anything he could fix that, he said no problem.  Receive a call from him and say the cars ready to go and everything is fixed(the engine was a piston died, and the fan was not plugged in), your total will be the 100$ deductable and 371$ for the diagnostic labor on fan.  THE FAN ONLY NEEDED PLUGGED IN, he gave me a speal about how they tested the fan to the battery, it powered on but he continued to look for issues ie taking THE TIME THAT I WOULD PAY FOR to look up the mazda wiring diagram and then find that.... it simply was wires werent plugged into the fan.  What i dont understand is first off why its 371$ dollars to diagnose the fan not being plugged in, and as well why i should have to pay for anything outside of warranty coverage as i stated multiple times to him DONT DO ANYTHING THAT WILL COST US.  Now that i went and talked to him face to face he is saying that maybe he can work it out so that i dont have to pay the full amount but could pay 267$ + deductable which is still extremely high in my opinion.  Is this place just mad that they only got paid for 1hr of service (which he admited to me for some reason, that in my opinion is fire power for me) on the entire engine and are trying to find a way to make us pay? The total for the engine was 161$ part, labor and finding the issue.


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