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Front End Noise Driving in Snow

Hi there,

I have a Dodge Intrepid and it seems i am always fixing a front end issue. I have replaced the tire rod ends, struts, strut bearings and rotors…i can’t seem to find the problem.

I initially heard a “crunching” type noise when I turned the wheel. I replaced the struts then while driving down the street, one of my strut bearing snapped, so i replaced both strut bearings,,,i continued to hear a rattling sound from the passenger side. I deal with that for a while and now another problem. We recently had a bad snow storm and the car got stuck when getting out the end of driveway, now when i’m on the highway i have an incredible vibration so that if you hum loundy you have the sound of yelling through a fan that is on. it feels like its in the front end. Could something have snapped in the front end because of being stuck in the snow and the tires spinning to get it out? it almost feels like the tires do not have constant contact with the road.

I’m sorry I’ve written an book but i’m very frustrated with the front end problems i’m having.
I hope you can give me an idea of what to look at.



Hi there Carrie,

I would have a mechanic look under the vehicle and see if the plastic splash shield under the engine and around the tires might have torn loose and is rubbing on the tires. If you don’t see anything rubbing on the tires, make sure that the tires are still in good shape and a piece of the tread has not torn off and is causing the noise you hear.

Your previous rattle noise could be due to a worn out strut mount, or a stabilizer rubber mount that has deteriorated and is causing the stabilizer link to come in contact with the body of the vehicle. I would look at all the front end parts to see if there is a shinny spot on the metal where it has come in contact with another metal object….to produce the rattle.

Keep me posted as to what you find out please.

Austin Davis


Hi Austin,

Thank you for your reply, I did bring the car in and have the tires rebalanced and rotated, that helped the shaking problem on the highway for 2 days, we recently had another storm and again this morning the shaking again. I did speak to a mechanic here in town, he thinks it ice getting stuck on the front mechanic parts.

The rattle noise thing started when we installed a new strut mount, the only thing I can think is maybe I damanged the strut when it snapped in the first place ( the mount) I will let you know what happens, I will bring it to the local shop next week after the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the follow up Carrie

If the rotate and balanced help the vibration, but has returned with the new snow storm…..I wonder if ice is forming on the tires between the tread. If so, this could be dangerous as the tire is basically “slick”. The added weight on the tire from the ice will cause the tire to be out of balance.

You should be able to run warm water on the tires to melt of the ice that has accumulated on them….if that in deed is what is happening. If this is what is happening, you should look into installing snow tires or tires that will channel away the ice/snow better than what you currently have.

Have a great holiday as well

Austin Davis

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