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Fuel Gauge Stuck on Full

I have a car with digital gauges. The gas gauge has been stuck on full for about three weeks now. Would the sending unit be the cause for this to happen? It also hesitates when you first start it up and take off. It verys on how bad it hesitates, but sometimes it does it so bad that the car doesn’t even want to move.


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I would definitely test the fuel sending unit first. You should also test the fuel pressure to see if you have a bad/weak fuel pump, since you mentioned it is running bad and hesitating, this could be from a lack of fuel pressure or something as simple as bad spark plug wires causing an engine misfire.

If you did have a bad sending unit I would replace the fuel pump as well since you will already be inside the fuel tank for the sending unit. The pump should not cost that much, and the time and effort it takes to remove the fuel tank is not something you want to do again a few weeks from now if the pump fails. Just a little insurance policy.


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