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I am having a problem with my Honda Accord, and I think it might be a clogged or dirty fuel injector.  Does fuel injector cleaner work or is it just a waste of my money and should have them replaced?

David R.


Hi there David

First off let me give you my honest opinion of fuel injector cleaners and additives you can buy over the counter at your local auto parts store.

They MIGHT be helpful as a preventative maintenance item, but I personally do not use them. The gasoline blends today are very good and they already add all types of cleaning agents to them.  So the idea that some additional additive that you can buy in a can and add it to your fuel tank that will cure a problem…just really doesn’t’ make sense to me.

I would rather see you buy a tank of premium fuel every 3-4 fill ups that might give you a little more cleaner and octane boost than the cheaper regular unleaded (that I use) might be a better use of your money than fuel injector cleaner additives in a can.

Now, on to your other issue. Rarely do we see fuel injector failure anymore. Yes, it’s possible but it’s really rare. It’s also pretty rare these days to see an injector that is completely clogged up too.

In my shop I do like to clean the throttle body, which is basically the base of the fuel and air chamber at the end of the air cleaner hose. This throttle body can get gummed up with carbon and dirt deposits and can cause erratic idle and dying and idle issues.

I’m not saying that is the problem you are having, but what I could be saying is ….get a professional mechanic to check this out for you before you start guessing at parts to replace. Guessing always costs more than testing!

Here is a short video I made of me cleaning my dirty throttle body in my Ford truck, which might be helpful to you as well. I would recommend you have the throttle body cleaned every 30,000 miles or so as part of good maintenance.



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