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Fuel System Cleaning

I get asked a LOT, should I clean my fuel injectors? My answer is yes and no.

Yes, if you have a specific problem with one of the injectors and you are sure it is due to a clog that you think might be able to flushed out with cleaner.

No, if you are just guessing that your fuel injectors are dirty and need to be cleaned. Most cars these days have pretty much self cleaning injectors and the fuel that you buy is very clean and full of detergents to make sure things stay pretty clean in your fuel system.  So, don’t just jump to conclusions.

Now, that being said. What I see MUCH more often than is dirty throttle body problems. Some common complaints are:

  1. Rough or erratic idle speed
  2. Dying at idle or on turns
  3. Slower starts

If you are experiencing any of those complaints I would first start with cleaning the throttle body and see what happens.

Here is a short video I made just for you, anyone should be able to do this repair. I like to do it every 30,000 miles for good maintenance and I love it when my engine idle is nice and smooth!



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