Gas Additives Increase Fuel Mileage?

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I have gotten various answers to this, so i am still confused… while going over my saved mail, I found this… and wondered:

How about Lucas products….. i have found on the road …the fuel additive …and gas additive…seems to give better mileage, but mechanics say “a good mechanic checks and smells all fluids….if they smell of additives…. beware something is wrong

How do you feel about Lucas products

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Hey there Alan,

I like Lucas products, but have not seen one that will increase fuel mileage….not significantly anyway. They can help with engine performance and overall running condition of the engine….but slightly. There really is no miracle liquid you can put in your tank…not yet anyway.

I just made this page on my website yesterday and the response has been wonderful. If you are slightly mechanical, and want to try something new on the market, this might be worth $49.

Convert My Car To Run On Hydrogen Fuel


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