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Good student discounts on cheap car insurance

Elaborating on the idea of ways for students to save on their car insurance, let’s talk about good student discounts. Listen in, parents, because this doesn’t just apply to college students, but to all students (well, probably not your kindergartener). Most car insurance companies offer a discount for good students, and it’s pretty easy to get. Once your teen driver is on your policy, or if you’re an independent student, once you have your own policy, all you’ll need is a report card or a transcript, and if your kid isn’t too ashamed to show you either of these things, he’ll probably qualify for the good students discount.

The way the auto insurance companies see it is this: if you’re responsible in school and meticulous with your homework, then you probably are mature enough to drive safely once you’re out of the road. Therefore, they make a connection between good students and good drivers

Different companies have different ways of dealing with this discount. Some require that the student have a 3.0 grade point average, and others want them to have all Bs or higher, while some companies require that students be on the Dean’s list or honor roll. Call up your car insurance company to find out what their requirements are and how you or your student fit into it. These good students discounts usually end up saving you about 20% on your car insurance policy, so it’s definitely worth it to look into.


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  • Chris

    Great post! For teens, they could also enroll in defensive driving class to get a discount from insurers :)