Guide to Buying a New Car

You have to go into a car dealership with a game plan. Don’t let anything you hear or see persuade you to change that game plan and leave with a car that day, because doing so could lose you a lot of money. Just consider it to be like those books you read as a kid, where whenever someone entered the land of the fairies they had to make sure they didn’t eat or drink anything, or they would be stuck there forever. The fairies would offer them the most tasty looking food, and they would be starving, but they had to resist. Likewise, car dealerships will try to lure you in by asking you what exactly they can do to get you out of there today the owner of a new car, and telling you that you can drive the car away without any down payment. Resist! Or you’ll be stuck with that car for the net few years when you could have done better.

Your goal when going onto that car lot is to check out the MSRP sticker, first of all. You want to get the price and the information on options from it, and take that with you as you go. If the salesman tries to get you to stay, just say no. Write down any option packages offered or forced, and wait until later after more comparison to return.

Watch out for any kind of salesperson tricks that make you lower your guard and think you’re in control. Most of the time, it is just a tactic to make you think that you can outsmart them. Then, when they outsmart you, you barely notice it. If the salesperson says that they’ve just started and haven’t quite got used to selling cars yet, watch it. That’s a common hook.


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