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Head Gasket Repair Cost

Reader Question

I saw a previous question you had answered about using K&W block sealer additive. I was recently told that my 2005 Ford F150 had a blown head gasket and it needed to be replaced.

1. What does a head gasket repair cost? 2. Does the K&W sealer stuff you mention really work and should I try it?


Well hello there Rusty

Thanks for your email. Humm, so what does head gasket repair cost? Good question. That answer can differ greatly because of the large amount of labor time involved in the repair. You are basically taking the top half of the engine apart to get to the head gaskets.

So there are a lot of items that you will have to remove that might also need replacing at this time…and that can bring the expense up.

You might start with a head gasket repair quote of say $1000 but once the job is over you might end up with a $1500+ bill due to additional parts and labor items that should be replaced at this time.

Understand? Say, you remove the top half of the engine, and I see your spark plugs are worn out, and your water pump is starting to leak and the radiator hoses are old and brittle. So I would as your mechanic recommend you replace those items while we are doing the repair and those are additional costs.

Your second question about the K&W Engine Block Sealer additive.

YES, that product works VERY well and is a good alternative to replacing the head gaskets.

I have personally used that product in my shop for years with great success on about 80% of the vehicles that had blown head gaskets.

I DO NOT recommend you use it as the instructions on the can suggest…trust me, I have tried it and found that my way is easier and works better.

My recommendation.

1. Buy a can of K&W Engine Block Sealer from your local auto parts.
2. Drain out all coolant from engine and radiator best you can.
3. Add sealer to your radiator and top off with plain water only.
4. Drive the vehicle for a total of 500 miles
5. After 500 miles drain out sealer mix from your engine and radiator and refill with 50/50 coolant water mix
6. Keep your fingers crossed

WARNING – you will NOT have freeze or boil over protection at this time. If it is freezing out, keep your engine and radiator from freezing. Keep car in garage, use a drop light in engine area etc.

Hope this helps. Keep me posted as to what happens.

Austin Davis

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