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Head Gasket Sealer

Austin, you mentioned on your site somewhere a product that would seal a blown head gasket leak. What was the name of the product again?



Hi there Andrew,

The product I really think works the best as a cheap head gasket sealer is called K&W Engine Block Sealer, which you can find at just about all auto parts stores.

I DO NOT recommend you use it as the instructions on the can say to do. I have never had luck with the product as they recommend to use it. Instead try it this way.

  • Drain all coolant from the engine and radiator
  • add the can of additive to the radiator and top off with regular tap water
  • drive the vehicle at least 500 miles
  • drain out the radiator and install the proper coolant and water mix
  • pray!

CAUTION: since there is not coolant in the radiator you will not have overheating or freeze protection during this 500 mile period. In most cases things will be fine, but if you live in a freezing climate, you will want to take extra procaution that the water in the radiator does not freeze and cause more internal engine damage.


Austin Davis

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