Headgasket Repair Problems

HELP! I recently did a head-job on a 2000 Dodge Durango. I replaced head gaskets and had the heads shaved. I also replaced the timing cover gasket.

The engine started and ran fine, except for one thing: a massive amount of smoke (water vapor, seemingly) constantly coming out of the exhaust. There appears to be no compression leak into the radiator, though. Is it possible that water is getting into the intake or exhaust manifold, or do you think it is a head gasket problem??

Hey there,

Did you drive the vehicle? There can be water and coolant trapped in the exhaust system which can take a few minutes of driving to burn off. If you are loosing coolant in the radiator then you still have a leak somewhere, and I would get a cooling system pressure test to help you located it.

Could be an internal leak like the head gasket or could be an external leak. As long as you installed the head and gasket correctly, I would assume there should not be a leak there.

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