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Heater and Air Blower Not Working

I lost the heater/AC blower, the hazard lights, the ABS braking system, the brake lights and the power door locks pretty much at the same time. I did not notice all the items not working at once but within the space of a week.

I checked the fuses and fond them to be OK. What does all these items have in common that would make them fail at the same time. Everything else seem to be OK. It seems strange that they would all fail like that because of separate problems.

I read in an article earlier about someone having problems with their blinker that worked off and on and that the problem was in the computer. Do you think that what might be going on here? Any advice that you could give me as to how I should go about solving this problem other then just taking it to the shop and they take me for more than they should would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Hey Tony,

Sure sounds like a power failure issue to me….a fuse, cut wire harness etc. etc. Triple check all the fuses, under the hood and under the dash first. You will probably need to see a mechanic to trouble shoot this for you though, but I would start testing for power and grounds at the fuse block and make my way up to inside the vehicle testing the circuits, then test the power and grounds at the computer in the same manner. Not much here for the average do it yourself person to do….sorry.

Austin Davis

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